Store Report #1- 01-03-2018: Total Wine- Northside

As we know, Spokane has a limited number of stores to choose from when hunting bourbon. As far as I can tell, there are 5 legitimate options:

  1. Total Wine- Northside
  2. Total Wine- Valley
  3. Bulldog Liquor- Spokane proper
  4. Eggers Liquor- South Hill
  5. Greenacres Liquor- Valley

In order to help you in your hunt, I will report on my findings during my trips to these locations.

Today’s Report:

I swung by Total Wine on the Northside during my lunch break. Total Wine is always an interesting option. You are not going to find the super-allocated items. Those go to corporate and are giving out based upon the number of points that you have in your Total Discovery account. I highly recommend you sign up, if you shop at Total Wine often enough to qualify for these allocated items (rumor has it that is in the 25,000+ points area, which equals $2,500).

Although you won’t find the super-allocated items, you will find a good selection. The really popular semi-allocated items can be found on the counter in the front of the store. These are things that have enough availability to be sent to stores but not enough to warrant dedicated shelf space. Think Blanton’s.

Today, I found the following interesting things:

Upfront on the Counter:

  • Blanton’s- 1 bottle
  • Michters 10 year- multiple bottles

On the Shelves:

  • Elijah Craig B517
  • Cyrus Noble? I don’t know anything about this one but plan to do some more research.
  • Chuckanut Bay Bourbon. Another one I don’t know anything about…
  • Cadee Deceptivus and Bourbon Whiskey
  • Stagg Jr.
  • IW Harper
  • Rhetoric 22 and 23
  • Woodford Reserve Double Oak- store pick
  • Weller Antique 107
  • Joseph Magnus

I make no promises about how long these things will be on the shelves. Nor will I share price information, that is making it too easy.

Now get out there and hunt!

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