Getting into Bourbon

I have liked whiskey since I started drinking at age 21. I know, I know, I am weird that I didn’t drink until then but my mother was a politician, and I grew up in a pretty small town in Minnesota. Back to my point, I have always liked whiskey. But it wasn’t the focus of my drinking habits until the last six months or so.

Living in the PNW, we have great access to beautifully made wines. My family has always been very into wine, so I was previously solely committed to red wine. I had the occasional cider or Knob Creek which a friend turned me on to a couple of years ago.

Then one fateful night (cue dramatic music), I went looking for podcasts to add some flavor to my usual leadership-tinged listening, when I found the Podcask. From the first listen, I was hooked. Will and the Greeze have a fun, easy going, knowledgeable, and a great way of talking about whisky and bourbon. You can tell that they love their juice and even kinda like each other. Plus, the Greeze is absolutely friggin’ hilarious.

Check out their podcast and give them a listen. It is worth it!

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